“I Am the Poor Rural Woman”

How many poems do you still read these days? I love poems, I love reading them. In fact, I love to write few whenever my emotions are too high that even heavy breathing would capture any.

Poems are very straightforward as these are from the author’s heart. Understanding one connects you to the author.

Below is a really good poem I kept for years written by Dr. Sultan Arif Zuberi. This was used when Perla D. Santos Ocampo, then Chancellor of the University of the Philippines Manila presented her paper during the workshop on Better Reproductive Health for All: The Role of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in November 1996.

I am the poor rural woman
Surrounded by ignorance and superstition
Despite this age of modern civilization
Without health care and without education

I am the poor rural woman of this nation
The day of my birth is a day of grief
I toil till my death without relief

In darkness and dirt my newborns arrive
Death haunts me whilst I am giving life

My father, my husband, even my son
No one thinks of me as a person
I am no better than the cattle I feed
Is life only to graze and breed?

I am the subject of learned discourse
Reformers write papers full of remorse
Politicians raise slogans to further my cause
But my status however remains as it was

False promises do not endure
‘True Will’ only affects a cure
If you wish to build a nation new
Give me the rights which are my due

If justice is denied to me
From bondage no one will be free
My strength will make the nation strong
Just like the land to which I belong

Reference: http://www.childthai.org/ciec/c430.htm

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