Heeled shoes, Stilettos et al

What is about high heels that makes most women look the second time? If you happen to visit boutiques and fashion stores for women, shoes are just everywhere–flat shoes, semi-heeled shoes and of course, those high heeled shoes. Regardless of how these are made, high heels always appeal to most women especially those who work in the offices.

High heeled shoes exude fashion statement for the user especially when worn with a matching dress. Whether you like it or not, wearing high heels could create a difference and for one, you must walk perfectly to make sure you won’t fall down.

Ok so highheels can make you feel good, look good and walk good but what’s the catch?

See, moderation is the key to everything. This also applies to wearing high heels. Health-wise high heels could be a contributing factor to back pains especially if you frequently wear them for a longer period of time. Imagine your whole body weight is pressed against your heels. So if not used in moderation, your beloved high heels will just create a lot of problems on you in the latter years of your life.

Yes, heeled shoes, those stilettos are lovely just we have to apply moderation as usual. Agree? And oh by the way, thanks to designershoesoutlet web for the beautiful stilettos in this blog, love them so much!

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