Simple Rewards on Motherhood (repost)

I was browsing through the pages of my other blog and read some of the articles I’ve posted there years ago. I was surprised to find out that I talked about how I thought about motherhood while I was in the hospital bed. Here’s the original post:

How was it like being weak and lying on a white hospice bed? Oh, such an experience of a lifetime! It’s almost 3 weeks when I spent 2 stormy days in AUF bed, crippling myself to death due to pain. It was an unexplainable sort of labor pain…for at least I have to describe how severe it was.

It’s a monthly basis that women feel pain in their “tummy areas.” But that pain was something couldn’t stand for another day or two. And while I was lying helpless on that white bed, I couldn’t help but imagine how other women, those less privileged women who do not have access to medicines and health providers. What’s in store for them but to let their pain pass away overnight, in multiple rapid eye movements deep in their sleep.

I thought “if this pain is the same as labor pain, how else could I bear another shot?” But you see, women’s patience is more than just the pain they feel on a monthly basis. Take for instance those unloving words that cut our mothers’ hearts to pieces when we ignore their concerns.

What about those teens who provoke their mothers to scold them because they resist household authorities? And how many times our mothers cry when we commit life-pivoting mistakes like unwanted pregnancies for young teens, incurring juvy record, eloping, getting flunked from school, getting sick due to our own doing, rebelling against authorities etc.

It’s a sounding 20 year project for the woman of the house to nurture and care for the family she chose to build over the years. In a single snap, this project may or may not be a success if husbands and wives team work is absent. But during this 20-year old project, mothers and wives at times are left with few things for themselves. Little did they realize that after they built a strong household with their husbands, time could have eroded their chance to enjoy the other facets of life.

That’s probably the reason why at the latter part of their lifetime, our mothers are sometimes worn out, exhausted and already lost interest in spending time outside our homes.

True enough, nurturing the household is a noble responsibility for women. Who could refute such reality that a strong household of responsible individuals was built within the four corners the home? No one. That said, our mothers deserve more than just a simple card or greetings during their special Mother’s day. Truth is that they should be thanked for their great efforts on a daily basis. They should be told of their accomplishments as mothers, the heroine of our households. These mothers, despite their tired hands and bodies, own the most beauty inside out.

Children like us should not be as silent like those who are drifted away with their own solace, holding back the magic word “thank you” for our noble women, our mothers. Let us not hold back that reward, simple yet elegant.

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