Understanding the Imbalance: Save your Relationships

Had there been days when all you sense is the negativity that surrounds you? You easily see the ugly side of everything. You feel so low, depressed and just sad all day long. You feel exhausted, maybe headaches are prominent but there’s physical pain. Your eyes are really sensitive that tears easily fall when somebody said unappealing words to you, in fact, even a minor shift of tone could bring your warm tears down. “What is happening to me?” is the lone question echoing in your idle mind.

So really, what’s going on with all these unease thoughts and feelings? Women in their late 20s through early 40s may, at one point or another, feel such low in their emotions. Truth is that it isn’t all about emotions but because of the unexplained sadness, some may associated this uncanny feeling to depression possibly due to stress and anxieties. But isn’t all women experience the same within their lifetime? Definitely.

According to studies, such feeling of lowliness is also associated with the still-unexplained hormonal imbalance among women. Reports show that hormonal imbalance symptoms are often associated with the abovementioned disorders. Moreover, because of the imbalanced levels between the progesterone and estrogen hormones in women, dramatic effects of symptoms of anxieties, stress and depression take place.

So before you even break up with your boyfriend, have fight with your officemate or your boss, it’s important that you understand what’s really going on with you. If there’s no trigger event prior to your feeling of lowliness or if you’re not sick at all, you may be experiencing hormonal imbalance. Some of the causes associated with hormonal imbalance include HRT (hormonal replacement therapy), excessive stress, used contraceptive pill before, pregnancy and poor diet.

However, if you’re feeling too low for other reason, you may want to talk this over with your trusted friend. Lastly, if the cause of your depression is medical related, it would be best to seek the assistance of a medical specialist. Just a thought.

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