Filipina Documentary: I Love

Socializing online and getting education at the same time is not something usual. Why not? Of course, with the prominence of social media networks and all, most people in any net cafe or those who are utilizing the power of Internet would rather spend time checking their profiles and sharing shout outs of their wants and whereabouts.

Then there goes the online browsing, at least, maximizing the power of the net. I checked few sites just to update myself with what’s happening around me and found this really good site where documentary films are produced and shared. Yes, I so love docu films and all the information I get from these especially those that talk about empowerment of women. So let me share one that won this year’s Migration Advocacy Award, The Filipina on Top: Deconstructing Maria Clara. I’m sure you’ll get few but  valuable information like me. Reactions? Thoughts? Views? Share them here, it’s free:)


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