Dress Code Drive in UAE

Hot as the summer weather in the UAE region, discussions  about dress code is rising too. No I'm not talking about new uniforms but the concerning dress issues of foreigners in the UAE.  I still remember I blogged about Filipina on Top: Deconstructing Maria Clara documentary from the Illustrado way back in December 2011. I... Continue Reading →

Building a Rubber-like personality

It’s Thursday and it’s the last minute of the day’s work so 5 minute of relaxation isn’t that bad I believe. While finishing my last minute-coffee for the day, I can't help but to wonder how many rubber bands I used for the past days for piling. I also have my rubberized stress ball just... Continue Reading →

Growing Up Sleepless

Had there been an instance when you wanted to start your sentence with a period? Yes, a period- an end to all the preambles, the end to all the thoughts that seemed to endlessly flow in the oblivion. As I yield my momentum on a midnight course, I again grasp for a fresh air and... Continue Reading →

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