Building a Rubber-like personality

ImageIt’s Thursday and it’s the last minute of the day’s work so 5 minute of relaxation isn’t that bad I believe. While finishing my last minute-coffee for the day, I can’t help but to wonder how many rubber bands I used for the past days for piling. I also have my rubberized stress ball just within my reach, very handy in case I go ballistic when someone throws her garbages on me.

Generally speaking, rubber is a good material used in the industries. You’ll see them everywhere – in our kitchens, in our living rooms, the sandals and flip flops we wear, the toys we buy for our children. You name it. But have you ever thought how natural rubbers are made and how its properties complement a person’s good qualities?

Natural rubber comes from the sap of the rubber trees and those synthetic rubbers are made in factories out of some chemicals. Regardless however of their making, rubbers have very good properties that best describe people who have great influences in our lives, molded our well being to be good citizens. But most of all, I see that a rubber’s qualities are highly attributed to those endearing mothers, sisters and friends we all know who have unknowingly and with the grace of time, have adopted the rubberlike personalities:

  • Elastic – they easily return to their good selves no matter how much difficulties they have experienced.
  • Resilience to oil and solvents, resistant to acid and oil – people with rubberlike personalities understand what’s wrong and rotten. Unlike sponges, they won’t easily accept bad influences and are firm on their stand to be right.
  • Weather and age better – people with rubberlike personalities age better because they know how to adapt well in life’s push and pull.

And I am hopeful that I am one of these women…are you?

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