Dress Code Drive in UAE

Hot as the summer weather in the UAE region, discussions  about dress code is rising too. No I’m not talking about new uniforms but the concerning dress issues of foreigners in the UAE.  I still remember I blogged about Filipina on Top: Deconstructing Maria Clara documentary from the Illustrado way back in December 2011. I wanted to recall it for all Filipinas and expats in the UAE to benefit from.

How many nationalities are here in the country, I have no idea. What I know is that UAE has been very accommodating for those who wish to stay here for pleasure and for work. These days however when summer is at it’s height, the issue of proper clothing reached its peak in various social media platforms like Twitter. Sensibly speaking, I don’t think it’s not something you want to return to a very good host like UAE, lest, create a social discrepancy or be a contributor to public menace.

Proper clothing warrants respect, how true could this be! Imagine yourself going to the beach with your trousers and skirts. Not proper. But if you are wearing beach clothes, with your sarong and goes to the mall, in the public area despite the hot weather, would you reason it as a proper clothing? Definitely not.

What’s alarming is that there are notices and ads posted anywhere reminding everybody to dress properly, especially women. The result is an offensively and annoyinng “I don’t care” attitude for many foreigners and tourists. And for this reason, this issue has been placed in the front pages of Gulf News, not one time but more.

I’ve nothing against those who want to express themselves in their own so-called “fashionable way.”  I strongly believe that if one wants to stay safe in UAE, it is mandatory to understand and respect the country’s culture. Invite respect from the way you carry yourself…start dressing properly.

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