Allured in Cipriani’s Musical Festive: 8e Art and The Entertainment Box

ImageWhy is it the weekend is a must-enjoy moment here in the Emirates? For those who are busy bees like me and sitting in their desks, spending most of their days in the offices, weekend getaway could be an Alice in Wonderland experience. Add some few treats from good musicians and a cozy place to spend your weekend in, voila!The rest could be history.

The UAE offers so many places where hospitality and fine dining exceed the visitors’ expectations. With a few perks and add-ins in between, comparisons in terms of which restaurants provide the best if not the great service is inevitable for both tourists and locals.

Take for example the Yas Island. If you’re a regular visitor in the island, check how Cipriani allures you with its cozy ambiance offering the great view of Yas Marina. This famous authentic Italian hospitality business provides not only a mouth-watering family oriented brunch but a full-party experience in its Allure by Cipriani club.

Surprises left and right, you really can’t tell what’s in store, could you

So on the mark of June 1st, Cipriani’s Allure hosted a full-packed musical performances from “The Entertainment Box” via the legendary 8e Art. The night is also saturated with Loud Arabia’s live and expressive beats, ultimately capturing the audience.

It was the first day of the two-day festival weekend in Cipriani. I shouldn’t forget of course the much-awaited Madonna concert in the island..

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