Going Back to my Basics: The Writer is an Introvert

I just lost the time to write.Featured image

While most people see me as timid, shy and boring, I tend to not walk away from special occasions where crowd is present. I may not volunteer to be the host but I can work well with the crowd.

While it is not always a pleasant idea that there is a shy member of a team, it is important to also understand that introverts get their strength and full productivity working alone. Not that we do not like the team and team-related activities but an introvert’s quality work is often derived from working alone. As such, I personally believe that the saying “three is a crowd” applies perfectly to me.

I also tend not to talk too much. I am very quiet, annoyingly quiet. You will seldom hear me talk even during office meetings because I do not have anything to say unless asked or if I really have to react. I find small talks scary too, can you imagine that! Yes, I am always embarrassed to engage in small talks especially if I do not know the individual on a personal level. It is like I will create more damage to myself if I will force myself to talk, insensibly. I too hate it but I am trying to overcome the so-called “social anxiety.” For years, the struggle continues until I finally gave up. My reason? Unless I am literally hurting anyone, I will keep my cool for now.

I learned to embrace what I am, my indifference. It is not always easy but that I think is the beauty of individualism. So yes I enjoy the comfort of my own company, I pamper myself with writing, a therapeutic activity I find really delightful. Of course, not everything I write will be considered a good piece but I just want to have my voice heard in a subtle way.

I started Sunsets and Eves blog in 2011 in hopes of writing a lot about women in general. There have been so much writing opportunities I missed but here I am, starting to pick up the pieces and starting over, again.

So I guess there is not much to say but let us see for the next days! I welcome myself aboard and please, feel free to comment and share your thoughts on how can I make this blog more interactive and interesting. All you need to do is share your thoughts/comments:

  • Share your story if you are a woman of inspiration or you know someone who greatly inspires others to make a difference
  • Be a guest-blogger here

Photo Disclaimer: Writer owns the photo taken at Dubai, UAE

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