Woman at Work: Appreciation

As part of the growing workforce, women’s contribution to the economy is unbelievable. And unless a company is an exclusive “all gents” only, the female workforce can be anything between 15 to 50 percent, could be more.Untitled design

There are numerous comparative studies done in work productivity for men and women, multitasking included. It is interesting to note that women are better in multitasking than men as per the journal BMC Psychology, full details can be read here.

One admirable thing about women, is their ability to juggle tasks in between tasks, and still able to come up with good results. When these tasks multiply and the pressure to finish work escalates, in general, women’s capabilities to prioritize, organize and get things done is always commendable.

Can you think of any perfect example but that of a working mother? Well, I am sure you have read tons of journals, articles and feature how a mom juggles her time between work and family in order to not compromise anything.

Women’s resiliency towards work is also another factor. In general, their resourcefulness and abilities to work beyond their limits, even beyond their current job descriptions is notable. Yes, there are always adhoc duties in the work environment but women do more than what they are required to, without being asked, without actually knowing it.

Truth is that work is not all the time fun, not all the time that the work is smooth. But after a long tiring day, a word of appreciation, commendation or a simple approving smile could mean the world for any woman out there. Besides, she has who accomplished so much could be that woman who wears a pair of heels, that despite the pain of wearing them (sometimes and for many), you only see how beautiful these pairs are. It is also that same woman who is on her way home with soaring heels after a long day’s work.

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