Respect: Is it really that Costly?

We are living in an apathy-fuelled society where social norms are mandated by those who has “power.”
Is it not interesting to note how others force you to “respect” them because they instigate fear?

Yes, there are just too many individuals who think that they are so powerful that would buy respect from people: crooked politicians, individuals engaged in terrorism, self-proclaimed leaders who knows nothing about proper management, etc.

Respect is when you highly regard someone because of his qualities. When you respect a person, you voluntarily protect his reputation without any coercion. But did you know that respect is not just about how you show it to another person but is something innate?

At times, we are are guilty of disrespecting others without even knowing it. Like me, you too may have fallen short sometimes:

1.  Household respect
The smallest unit of our society is family. Husbands and wives alike are encouraged to show respect at all times, in and out of the house.

There may be countless arguments but do you resolve the issues before you both go to bed? Or do you sleep on these issues and let pride take over your logic? Do you even share your so-called wrath to the world and broadcast it via social media, allowing people you think are your sympathisers to join you in your vigil?Are you happy that critics malign your partner whom you swore to protect all your life?

What about you, children? Do you respect your household arrangements? Do you contribute to your family’s happiness by protecting your reputation?

2.Respect in the workplace
As employees, do you respect your colleagues’ space and opinions? Or are you one of those who is quick to judge, thinking you are too smart unlike them? What about you, employers? Do you micromanage because you think your subordinates are inadequate and underperformers? Do you see them as outliers and treat them as children because you think without you, the job will not be done properly? Well, why not think hard who hired them in the first place?

3. Cultural respect
Foreigners need to heed to their host country’s cultural arrangements. It is just proper to be culturally sensitive, avoiding to promote your own perspective and violating the existing rules and regulations.

One best example I see is choice of clothes amongst foreigners in the Middle East. There are just so many reminders in the public places, malls even, to show respect by wearing proper clothing. Those who are either culturally ignorant or just plain disrespectful continue to wear their see-through if not super short clothes, inviting others to stare and be stumbled.

4. Self respect
The most important of all, self-respect. If you know well yourself and your abilities, you will not fall short on your own reasons in regarding yourself as worthy of respect. If you will not take yourself seriously, nobody else will. So take charge of your life.

Building other people’s trust may take years to develop. You will need to invest heavily on time, for that reason, respect is costly. Once respect is lost, relationships fail. You can of course choose to stand up and retrieve yourself. While you can of course retrieve yourself in time, there are some who sadly, totally lost it, ended up being miserable, living empty handed and unhappy.

Do you have a story to share with us? Why not share your opinion and leave me a comment here.

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