A woman’s told tale

Lola mama and the cuties
Lola mama and the cuties

Recently, I was very vocal about growing up, growing old and childless. I don’t mind actually because it is something I cannot control of. Instead, I treat it a matter of accepting my personal or biological limitations I should say. Being childless these days isn’t new. In fact, many career-oriented women may not conceive in their early 30s or if they even bring a child in the family, it would be in their early 40s, the sooner would be 24. As compared to generations ago, being a young mom is an achievement to ladies of the society. But I was not always like this. I’d be lying to myself if I will tell you that for once, the reality of conceiving, of having a baby of my own never crossed my mind. It did, a thousand time. But I have longed for that perfect time, to no avail. I have given up many times, but never lost hope. Yes, motherhood seems to be an elusive opportunity for now but it is not an absolute cause for sadness. We still have our nieces and nephews who give us so much happiness just being around them. So for those of you haven’t been to that stage like I do, don’t worry, we share the same sentiments. While the chance to prove motherhood is yet to start for those who are like us, there are actually thousands of ways on how we can complete our journeys, as a sister, as an aunt. Motherhood may come at a later time but may we not lose hope that that day will soon come. Truth is that I’m still waiting for that woman in me. I just wonder where she’d gone and if there’s an opportunity to complete the cycle of this journey.

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  1. What an honest post. Thank you for being brave and sharing this vulnerable part of you. I am so thankful to find women like you who humble me and other readers and make us grateful for everything we have in life. Your attitude is inspiring and I will say a special prayer for you today. I loved reading this and I look forward to reading more! You rock!


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