Buried Treasures are always ready for Rediscovery

Too obsessed you can say but I am one of those who are living a lot more on a routine basis. It is not always a happy day but not terribly boring. It is just enough, for myself, that is. I do not fancy big parties, big crowd and malls. Not that I am timid but I find enjoyment with the company of few but close friends. Introverts like me find solitude extremely rewarding.

So one of the “boring” personal errands I enjoy is cleaning mailboxes. Yes, it is this time of the year when I normally clean my inbox, delete those unwanted emails, unsubscribe to marketing emails and just empty the trash folder.  And while I greatly appreciate Google’s email 15GB free mailbox capacity, the strong need to clean up mailboxes is just one of my obsessions.

While browsing through my old emails, around 3 years or more ago, I came across an email I saved in my inbox…it is the right message I needed for my day. Unfortunately, this email entitled “It’s all about Cookies,” has been in my mailbox for the past 9 years and I have no idea who the author is. I thought I found a day’s treasure and I mean it, thank you!

For you my reader, I invite you to please go through the photos and the embedded messages and spare few seconds to reflect on yourself. Are you are like me, who is guilty of infuriating to anger without thinking of the results of my actions at times? Remember what the Old Book says about impatience and quick to anger? Yes, it is foolishness and the need to change is immediate unless you wish to stay on that avenue for the rest of your life.


I really think that these simple messages will help us build if not improve our relationships – family, friends, colleagues.  At times, we are too confident that we forget how to understand others, their situations, their own struggles. Sure it is very easy to criticize or judge others than starting to work on our self-criticisms. It is very difficult to shun away pride, but how come it is easy to show off ego and exhibit self-righteousness?

For you who spent time reading my post and the images within this article, thank you. I would love to read your thoughts and comments on this post. You can freely share this if you think this post can help build and improve relationships. I just did!

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