Breaking the chains of Apathy

248769_318723208232720_678404428_nWe have our own personal fights in life, most of which are just hard to explain, others are just unbearable aside from sickness, poverty, political issues, safety and security, surviving discrimination. Yes, the list may go on.

I am one of the millions of individuals who have remotely witnessed how violence and terrorism brought down one country to another.

Yes, issues of unlimited terror pile up globally, causing fear and anxiety amongst us. Who would have thought, that attending a concert, or just enjoying your night-walk in a familiar place, could be the next day’s cover news all over media because shooters and bombers went out for their kill? How can you imagine that a killer bomb would disturb your regular prayer time in your place of worship? On the other hand, that, spending time watching your kids play football in the stadium would be a day of terror because a bomber detonates his device.

It is just too much.

While it is indeed disturbing to see terror on every angle, we cannot just let this pass our reason, and fail humanity. We cannot just accept terror as part of our lives; wave our hands in the air and utter, “I really do not care anymore.” Why? Because the moment we did this, then we are faced with a bigger dilemma.

Apathy as defined by Webster is “the feeling of not having much emotion or interest.” Yes, we hear and read news of terror every day and yes, we fear for our safety, for our lives. What then if we surrender to apathy?

As you can see, the lack of love and care is very common these days. Many tend to quickly blame others for any kind of mishaps while isolating themselves from being partly responsible. Seldom do we see individuals who could honestly claim responsibility for their mistakes and do what is right, correct what is wrong or at least exhibit the “love for neighbors” attitude. Sadly, apathy is a business that rips everybody of the life that he or she deserves. It is cheap, it is passive and it a dangerous possession.

We still have a life ahead of us, a life worth living. We feel bad of what is happening around us because we are not numb, we are humans, and we feel pain. We show interest to the current issues because we want to be abreast of what is happening around us. Why not use this interest to another level, give us more reason to live and extend help in any possible way? Remember, help is not just about giving material needs because there are other ways to be a neighbor. Start small and try being an ear to someone who is burdened by the anxieties of life.  Why not try to be a stronghold for someone who is about to give up life? Why not “try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”

My two cents.

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