Under the Potipot Sun

20160621_052531 (1)We left home very early  on June 22nd for a road trip in Zambales to witness the sunrise, buy fresh seawater catch for the day and swim.

I was never a morning person. In fact, I love to sleep all throughout the day, if possible. Moreover, I only get to spend a month in a year in the country so I try to make everything count. Imagine my excitement to see the magnificent Philippine sunrise on our way to Zambales!

The picture above was taken at a petrol station in Subic. I could not remember the place but I think it is called “The Bar.” It was that time King Sun peeked through the cloudy morning. What a beautiful view!

Island hop to Potipot

We drove five 20160621_140709 (1)hours from Subic before reaching our destination. We heard very nice stories about Potipot Island in Candelaria, Zambales so we wanted to experience the fun ourselves. Besides, we still feel the summer breeze so a nice swim in an island would be a perfect choice.

We need to ride a boat.

I do not like boats. If there is a need for me to ride one, I will reconsider my options just to avoid this because I may not survive the ride, especially on a rough sea. But I just cannot ruin the family’s excitement, can I? We drove all the way to this place for what? For me to spoil the thrill? I have gathered all the courage in the world to stop myself from panicking. I told myself that this is just for the day so I really have to do it.

While on the boat teary eyed, I asked my husband to be still because I am terribly scared. I was shaking, overthinking that the boat will capsize! I even felt that the 7-minute ride to the island was endless!

We docked safely, what a relief.

The unsaturated island stunned us with its white sand and clear warm water. The next six hours was pure fun, sun kissed moments and of course, a time to reflect clearly on how great it is to be with the family.

We traveled back to the other side around 4PM. That time, the 7-minute boat ride was very rough because of high tide. But all went well. And then we drove for another five hours to home via South Clark Expressway (SCTEX). We were all tired but we enjoyed our stay in Potipot Island the whole day. It felt good to defeat fear this time, a real victory.


If you would like to visit Potipot Island, here are my suggestions:

  • You cannot buy anything in the island so bring your tents and extra food. Charcoal is a necessity for you to cook your food, no stoves unfortunately. Make sure to bring your own ice boxes for food storage and enough supply of drinking water.
  • Be ready for any emergency situations. Flashlights, power banks, matches, candles and anything you need to bring when camping.
  • Consider the long travel time so if you really want to maximize your time, try an overnight stay. You will just pay for the cottage and that’s it (Php1,000).
  • Check the weather before travelling. It is already raining in June so might as well consider visiting before that.
  • Residents are very accommodating. You can ask for a parking space for a fee (depending on your negotiation). Make sure you get their names and mobile numbers for assistance.

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