We Keep our Stand

Happy International Women's Day!Today is the 8th of March.

We recognize women around the world and their contribution to the society –corporate workers, social change contributors or leaders etc.

I prefer not to mention all the relevant social issues our women encounter on a day to day basis because for now, everybody is aware of women’s struggles globally. I dare not to even go through social stigma against women because we have tons of information and news on print and digital. This post is not about that, at all.

Today, as the world celebrates International Women’s Day under the campaign theme #PressforProgress, I celebrate the women in my life who never fail to amaze me with their super powers not just today but everyday.

I recognize their unyielding quest to safekeeping a household, their unconditional affection and support towards their children and family, their resilience against challenges, their uncompromising spirits to always move forward regardless. Their strength feeds the souls of those who depend so much on them.

My lovely women are very much so aware of themselves. They do not just yell just because they are pissed, but they fight for bigger causes than just blah blah. You will not see them spreading gossips around the corner because, let’s be realistic here: the tongue can lit a fire even a forest. They are busy living and keeping life in order. Yes, they are aware of their strengths in the same way that they know their positions in the society. They know who to tap to and channel their concerns.

Yes, my women wake up every morning and utter their graces for the day, thankful for the life given to them, and use their energy to continue loving and keep living. It is that simple. Let them know you appreciate them.

Feel free to share my post. Comment are of course welcome:)

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