When Loyalty Made a Fool of Us

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Just how much would it cost for one to be loyal? To be committed?

A fortune. A lifetime.

Yes, you read it right. It costs a fortune and a lifetime for one to exhibit loyalty, to commit yourself to others. Always a two-way process and a super expensive responsibility. And why would it not be?

Nowadays, many would choose convenience over moral responsibility. People fear accountability in general. And for those who remains responsible of their own acts and morals are either tagged as “old fashioned,” or “fool” just because they do not conform with the bandwagon. Indeed, those who care less about honesty and decency, those who assert their “personal rights” at the expense of others’ inconvenience are now labeled as “influencers.”

I call them “the entitled ones” because there is no loyalty in men who serve only their needs. But who really are these people?

They are everywhere. You see them as the pleasant co-workers who are accommodating, at first. They are the classmates who you shared snacks with; family members or relatives who seem to be nice and helpful. The list may go on and on but, one thing is for sure – you extend your support because you are loyal and you care deeply about them, and about your relationship. But what if your so-called friends, family members, relatives and co-workers’ circumstances shifted? What if, at one point, you unintentionally failed them because of your personal, emotional, or financial limitations? Have you noticed some behavior shift to the point of you getting sidelined suddenly? You see them online on social media but you remained on the “seen zone” when you sent a private message. What gives?

These individuals could not care less if they are causing you stress or pain. Why? Because they do not exhibit loyalty to you nor to themselves. Whilst situation can change a person’s behaviors, loyalty to yourself will keep your feet on the ground and maintain your commitment to doing what is right. Sadly, many would compromise loyalty when their circumstances shifted to worse. This holds true to everybody regardless of their situation or status in life.

The Maid Up Story

She was with her husband for most of those years, both worked with the same employer—she as a maid and he as a personal driver. Most of their lives are spent overseas working. Years passed by quickly and I could see her weathered face but she always wears that sweet smile and uncompromising glee. She is always willing to help, giving her best for others, for her boss, for her husband.

Going back three years ago, she needed to make a firm decision because her loyalty to her husband has been tested again and again. She no longer has the strength to sustain because of the repeated infidelity. This time, she needed to let him go, for good.
This year however, she was hit again with another compromise, with her boss who she treated as a family, a sister. Besides, spending almost 30 years with them was never an easy journey so she has embraced the idea that she was indeed living with “a family.”

This boss who promises to her, to be a rock and support, has left her when she was in dire need of help. Well the loyalty was never reciprocated in many levels as she never recollected any fonder memories how the boss really stood up to her promises after all these years.

Commitment is a demonstration of loyalty to an individual, to an entity, to a cause. It requires hard work and sacrifices – time, emotion, finance, etc. Sadly, many people take this for granted just because it is an inconvenience for their part. Just think for one second and empathize how the committed person feels in retrospection. Clearly, you would never have a clue, yes, you who is disloyal and unfaithful.

But sometimes, the loyal ones also get to taste their own doze of medicines then suffer the consequences later. What is worse than hitting rock bottom just because loyalty made a fool of you?

Yes, I cry foul over the disparity, the apathy of those erring individuals. I feel the pain as I go through the same painful experience. I have my own share of frustrations and is still recuperating from the pain. This is just the harsh reality of life. For those who are resilient enough, all they can do is shrug off and keep moving forward, allowing time to heal old wounds.

This life, regardless of its dark residents, is still a gift from God and is a beautiful endearing place to live in. We have all the reasons to be grateful no matter what our situation is. We may have been fooled by our own loyalty and those we committed to are not deserving individuals. And yet, here we are like the sun who never failed to peek its rays the next day no matter how cloudy the expanse is. We, who bid farewell to a wrongful day and rises again tomorrow because we have many reasons to live beautifully and gratefully.

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