Silence the Noise


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There is just too much noise in our society these days – from TV series to social media – we barely realize how time flies quickly just because we are too preoccupied with these “noise.”

Gone are the days when individual members of the family dine in altogether, utter grace before enjoying their sumptuous meal. Now we have fast foods and we dig in to our “dinner” while we watch our favorite series, the football match, basketball etc. Do you feel the satisfaction of eating therefore, appreciate how blessed you are? Or you did not feel any of these because you were busy cheering for your favorite player while watching that game, or crying out loud because you feel the pain of your heroine in that favorite TV drama of  yours?

Don’t we all miss those days when people spend time preparing for personal visitation to their relatives and friends? The preference over social gathering has been replaced with “virtual gathering,” and yes, it is cheap, real time and it has a wide reach. The digital world and social media have replaced the real connection amongst us resulting to increase in apathy and failed relationships. Indeed, while we were busy connecting with people around the world, our relationships to those near to us weather and fail in time because virtual reality has blinded our reasons on so many levels.

The age of information has reached its peak and yet, many remained clueless of their individual impact in the world these days. Nobody seems to care about what other people think, how their posts affect an audience because, in social media, one’s wall matters and no one should take offense because of the reason: “Feel free to leave or unfollow me if my posts seem to be offensive to you. This is my wall and I own it.

There goes the apathy. Subtle, and it does sound logical isn’t? But is it really, when your post spark hatred, discrimination, jealousy and malice to others? I doubt it.

We can go on ranting about how social media has flawed our society. But ask yourself: what about personal accountability? Social media has created a huge impact in our lives, the loudest form of noise so far, too complicated and yes, fast moving. Those who could not catch up may face difficulties withdrawing from the bandwagon. However, or those who successfully disposed their time wisely and disciplined themselves out of social media, they may have soon found out how different the world appear in reality.

If you are one of the latter, take time and start your journey to sensibility. There is still time and it starts now. Tick tock!

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