Random Thoughts About Life

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I used to think that loneliness, a state of the mind, could easily be dismissed when you go with the crowd – friends, colleagues, companions etc. I was wrong all these years realizing that:

  1. One can be lonely despite being in a loud environment.
  2. One’s inner thoughts, his anxieties, can be louder than the noise outside.
  3. Those who have been in a painful relationships may feel loneliness deep within them especially if they are fighting for their sanity
  4. Lonely are those whose hearts are burdened by frustrations and failures
  5. Life is a challenge for those who are not aware of life’s meaning and purpose

More reasons familiar to those who are in deep pain…yes, I feel you.

It is not the end of the world, not yet.

We are humans, capable of thinking and feeling. We have the ability to move past the pain, we are resilient. Everlasting life is instilled in our hearts and mind. The sting of death remains a cruel enemy for everybody. Yet, when someone feels nothing but pain in his entire life, or when struck with a calamity, the feeling of loneliness and the idea of unworthy life appear to be the only reasonable thought to ponder.

There goes the topic of mental health, a highly publicized issue these days.

We were all shocked to hear news of suicides of individuals around the globe. We may not fully understand how and why they took their own lives but I always think that digital dementia plays a huge role in this act.

Digital Dementia is a term used in 2012 by Professor Dr. Dr Manfred Spitzer who published the book Digital Dementia: What We and Our Children are Doing to our Minds. It discusses how and what effect does technology dependency could do to us, to children specifically. Further studies indicate a strong link between gamers and psychological disorders – increased in anxiety, post traumatic disorders, dementia, depression etc. I read a lot of information online, heard talks about it so please, feel free to read on:

Dehumanizing the Human Spirit

What’s ironic is that we are not robots but why does many feel that they cannot function at their best when they do not have access to their smartphones, computers etc. They feel disconnected and totally left out. How?

Think about a day when you accidentally left your phone at home. Weren’t you that restless, anxious, and could not focus in your work? It seems a huge part of you is missing. I have had colleagues who manifested withdrawal-like symptoms when they left their smartphones somewhere. They were grumpy and unproductive. They could not even engage in a proper conversation just because they do not have their smartphones. Last week, even my boss has to return to his place when he realized he left his phone, resulting to him missing his first 45 minutes in the office. Not that he needed to be on time but what he also mentioned was the difficulty to work and function without his smartphone.

Yes, technology is very important. Our smartphones are very useful in keeping our lives easier than before. While these phones are called as “smart,” why in the world we feel and act dumb without these?

Virtual can never be a Reality

We are living in an era when virtual life is the reality and what we have inside our own rooms feels unreal. We are addicted with gratification, with social approval. We sugarcoat our lives, we hide our fears, our sadness. We thought we are super humans. But what happens when we signed off? The feeling of loneliness then becomes a reality.

Remember, challenges are there to keep you strong. They are not permanent but the experiences are.

There is no other place in the universe that you can go and escape all of these. Unlike the movies we watch, the concept of a world beyond Earth, a place you can go to escape, is not true. Sure, there are explorations in the universe in finding another plant for habitation purposes. Sure, there are those who believe in aliens, some superpower beings residing somewhere out there (well they remain part of the conspiracy theories to date). But how possible it is really, to live out of Earth?

The Earth stands still and can sustain life for all eternity. We are inhabitants here, not prisoners. Yet, why is it that many feel that they are prisoners, they wanted to leave and shift to another place to start a new life? Whoever promoted this concept is quite creative in fiction and must have done great PR stints.

But keeping it real: we are talking about planets, not just another province or a country where you can go and migrate. How far would you believe such fiction?

It is not the Earth nor God’s fault why many feel sad about life, in general. Some people however made their life’s mantra to destroy the world in every possible way and create chaos all throughout. We are neither blind nor deaf about the saddening truth about wars, plagues and violence. Those responsible people will pay in due time for their selfish and wicked deeds.

We only have one lifetime here on Earth so might as well find the real purpose why we are really here – not to enjoy what this world offers but to live according to why we were created in the first place. Ask yourself when you are anxious, depressed or lonely (before deciding to end everything): What is the real meaning of life? And what is my life’s purpose.

If you still did not find the answers to these questions, take heart because solutions are just a click away.

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