Only Time Could Weather Pain

woman looking at sea while sitting on beach
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I almost lost you nine years ago. As vivid as the daylight was and as a frightening as nightmare was, that tragic accident tested everything I have in life with you. How did I manage to live through the pain afterwards is something that I still ask myself over and over. Why did you even leave that night while I was sound asleep from my night shift? You left home amidst the strong typhoon for reasons you thought was too urgent that it cannot wait ‘til the next day.

It was a bad decision and it almost cost your life.

Nine years ago this day, heavens poured its wrath on that Saturday night — strong winds and thunderstorm, trees were falling and motorists were too scared to continue on that stormy night. There were a number of accidents recorded that night alone. You were out there, on your bike brazing the storm like a knight in shining armour, except that your princess was an unknown damsel from never land.

Your bravery was for someone else.

Your uncanny emotions clouded your reasons. Out of hollowness, you have built a weak wall that has left you unprotected from extremely bad associates. And just when you thought you’re standing tall and proud, a painful realization says that you will never escaped the pangs of discipline, the pain once you were stroke and knocked to your senses after the full blown hit.

Indeed, we suffered a great deal of pain – you physically– but I was scarred for life. I have a familiar duty to fulfill because we were one and should have been together that fateful stormy night. Shame that you chose the wrong course but I still thank God for you were safe after that ugly accident.

You were alive, that was all that matters. But part of me has died since.

I only wish that one day, I will stop recalling the pain that night has brought us, that curse be lifted and that we continue to live. Nine years has passed quickly yet the chronology of events remains as vivid as the daylight and as frightening as a nightmare was.

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