Patience is a Virtue


Everything seems to be quick these days, 2018 is almost over. Everybody seems to be in a hurry, and the concept of “in the now” is more prominent than ever. In a day, just how many times do we hear the expression “I don’t have time for this…” or “Can you please hurry up? I will be late…” or something similar.

I wonder if these people just say those words and own these as if their personal statement.

Whatever the case may be, people just don’t stop at what they do. Doing nothing becomes an obsolete truth. Many thinks that every second of their lives is way too expensive to be spent for nothing. “Time is Gold,” sure it is but is it really, when you spend most of your time on your social media page than meeting your family and dining altogether? What about cooking for yourself? You believe that you do not have time so you try to enjoy your fast food.

At work, you feel that 24 hours is not enough for you to finish your tasks, that you needed to stay late in the office to accomplish more than what’s required of you. Why? Because you do not want to see the same piles of paper or work the next day. Yet the worse part for me is that much brain activities even while sleeping, that we tend to be awake, deeply thinking for the next day’s work or just simply anxious of what’s going to happen tomorrow.

It is exhausting. I hate it. I simply miss the old times, when the world is younger for me and everything seems to be easy going, and relaxed.

Back in those days, all we worry about was just about growing up – to graduate in primary school, high school, college and get a job quickly; or to experience at least to date your crush, or grow up quickly to earn your own money. I still remember some girls in my high school tried their best to advance the way they dress and used make up for them to look like grown-ups. I was too naïve back then. Yes, we have done some silly stuff before and it’s OK to laugh at yourself every now and then. It was all part of growing up.

I am sure that there were selfish and immature activities done as well, the not-so-funny stuff. Some of my contemporaries lost control during the process resulting to early pregnancies, near-death accidents, losing track of one’s self due to negligence and because they have craved for unlimited independence. And some have experienced unaccounted tragic losses.

As we grow older, we have the opportunity to correct our mistakes. True enough, our parents may or may not have disclosed everything we need to know about life – what’s going to happen if we did this, chose this or that. Sure, we have received lessons and instructions for us to be good, for us to be better. But life itself is a process we ourselves must understand, pave its way and learn through. Other than our parents, there are also unlimited guidance to help us decide properly. Some depends on philosophy, others depend on religious guidance and some prefer confidantes.

Whatever choices we have made, results will reveal if the choices we have done are the right ones or opportunities as they say. At times, we needed to wait for the best results to come and much patience is needed to see the “fruits of your labor.”

Is it easy to be patient? Of course not.

These are critical times when everybody rushes to do something for their individual desires. And those impatient fools care less if they will hurt you with their irrational agenda.

Not everybody is patient. Not everybody is willing to be virtuous in this troubled world. But if I wanted to see greater results, then I needed to force myself to be patient and be productive at the same time. Patience will keep you alive and reasonable. Patience is a demonstration of your respect for time, the same way we allow the seasons to take effect naturally. Would it not be best to show a waiting attitude, free up our minds away from stress and gradually achieve inner peace?

Yes, I thought so too…

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