Activating One’s Moral Compass – Part 3 of 3 series

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Spoiler: Bible topics encoded within. Please read in full discernment. Thank you

Today is the last day of 2018. Are you also one of the many who’s spending time reflecting how the year went through this quick? I’m sure you are.

Many people tend to do self-reflection every now and then, especially, before January comes. Yes, we call it the New Year’s Resolution. And at the age of social media, many are excited to share their views and resolutions for the coming year. It has been a practice we get used to because it’s fun, and it’s needed.

Truth is that we do not have to wait for every end of the year to do self-reflection. We have 24 hours every day. It does not matter if you only have 10-minute self-talk or that you can spend an hour-long reflection. What’s important is that you meditate and gave time for yourself because the world is too noisy and busy. If all you take everyday is toxic and noise, you will soon get a mountain of garbage in your life. So yes, buy time to self-reflect, take time to breathe and refresh your spirit.

I have put life and death before you, the blessing and the malediction; and you must choose life in order that you may keep alive – Deut. 3:19

It’s called self-preservation.

In my two previous posts about [Activating One’s Moral Compass], I have discussed how our families and spiritual relationships hone our moral compass. Primarily, if our conscience has gone through proper training, expect that your moral compass will remain strong despite adversity. You will be able to endure and remain grounded no matter how much challenges there would be along the way. Sure, your patience will be tested a hundred times but with endurance, you will survive. Sure, opposition left and right will come by, people who wanted to hurt you will be there. Yet, with resilience, activated moral compass and resilience, your spirit will not break despite the hardships.

You and I both expect that the coming years will be better and we are optimistic about it. However, bear in mind that this system lies within the power of a wicked one who desire nothing but to ruin everything. This has been foretold ages ago. It has been written on the Bible and the proofs are laid before our very eyes. If we are watchful and understanding, we will be able to discern the fact that we are at the last chronology of the last days. Our next step is to prepare because life will be very difficult, the world’s condition will continue to deteriorate. (I encourage you to read carefully the signs at Matthew 24:3, Revelation 12:​7-​12, 2 Timothy 3:1).

You may have observed that these days, marketing campaigns everywhere promote the concept of YOLO (You Only Live Once). While I have nothing against it (because partly, it is true), this concept nevertheless sways people out of the real context of living. Yes, we have only one lifespan but this life does not belong to us or anyone just to ruin. We are a keeper of our own bodies therefore, we need to guard it. This gift of life should be used to praise the Creator because this is the purpose of life.

A lifespan of 70 or 80 is already a gift (Psalm 90:10), and I have consumed half of it already. With our limited time in this world, it is best to use all our energy to praise and serve our Creator while we still have the strength (Ecclesiastes 12:1). A purpose driven life will keep you abreast of the more important things in this life and yes, it’s not the material riches because these are nothing of the real value and considered an act of “chasing after the wind” said the wise King Solomon (Ecclesiastes 2:11). Those who are passionate about storing riches from this world may remain completely blinded of this fact. Don’t believe me? Why not try and listen to those who have been in their primal years of their lives, who, at the last moment, realized how their works turned futile. Listen just how people in their deathbeds talk about life and living. You’ll be surprised how true the words in the Bible truly are! No banks or safe will be able to protect your riches once death stung you (Romans 5:12). This imperfection has no place in God’s restored paradise (Isaiah 33:24) and that is the True God’s promise to mankind.

I’ve only one resolution and hope to continue working on it–to become a key to everyone’s doors. A surreal resolve but it’s something that I find my life’s purpose is heading to. With limited abilities, I know that I have more to offer than financial support. For me, a purpose driven life is actually a journey to living and storing treasures, not from this world but in the “heaven where neither moth nor rust consumes, and where thieves do not break in and steal.” (Mat 6:20).

I love this resolution and I will continue to work for it, to focus on things that matter, and are under my control, to help me stay alive and let others live.

How about you? What is your resolution for 2019?

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