Choose Life and Live

Let freedom never perish in your hands.If given the choice to live, will you live regardless of your situation? Or would you choose badness instead?

The rod of discipline (Prov. 22:15) is not easy to accept, physically or emotionally. Childishness and being stubborn were behaviors attributed to youths and children. As we grow older, we mature and the concept of good and bad are getting clearer. We gradually develop our individuality and our traits and depending on how and where we were raised, we decide accordingly.

I understand that growing up is supposed to be simple. Our problems as children were simple and require simple solutions – to eat when hungry, to sleep when tired, to watch TVs or play when bored etc. We may be frequently scolded for being stubborn, we cried because we felt bad when reprimanded or disciplined. That was us, being young and childish.

Our situations may differ but I know that loving parents surely tried their best to raise obedient children to be responsible adults. An apple tree is expected to produce apple fruits and this holds true to good parenting. However, not all fruits from the same tree may ripe beautifully. Some fruits could rot because of extreme weather conditions, or due to some pests. Similarly speaking, there are youths who may deviate from their parental guidance and leave the comfort of their homes out of rebellion, thinking that they are better off without their parents/guardians and that life is greener on the other side of the fence.

Or so they thought.

We must take into account that such choice could have caused painful experiences to those individuals; that when trapped with poor decisions, our only option is to fight our way to live or lose in the process. Consequently, others were able to get through the challenges for embracing adulthood earlier while some have to resort to oblivion, losing themselves altogether.

I always think of growing up as metamorphosis, a biological process that involves abrupt changes in an animal’s body. Think about a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. We may never know what happens inside that cocoon but I am pretty sure that such process is painful because of the abrupt bodily changes– either crippling or stretching etc.
Humans were created with the ability to fight adversity. We are empowered but not everybody has yet to discover this ability that is why some let themselves swayed in the harsh challenges of life, stopped fighting, and gave up.

Yes, life can be really hard because we live in the last days of this system of things. People are taking advantage of each other, looking for their own benefits instead of helping one another. Morals have been a part of history and nobody seem to care about decency anymore. The mores are changing rapidly especially in this digital age. Was there a curriculum in our schools that teaches the A-Z of being an adult? None that I am aware of, because such learning institution does not exist. However, there is a wonderful Manual of Life called Bible, and there it provides us the preparations we need to undertake before we become adults:

Joshua 1:8 was a command to all Kings in Jerusalem, to read the Book of Law, day and night for them to be successful in all their endeavors. This Book of Law (Bible) was the manual used by the Kings to properly rule their subordinates. The Book of Law was written for their benefit, for them to rule according to God’s commandments. As a commandment, Kings were not supposed to divert God’s instructions. The Kings were also guided by their God-fearing parents to adhere to God’s commandments, and trained their conscience to continuously fear God and keep His commandments.

Ecclesiastes 12:1 was a stern reminder for us (youths especially) to prepare and equip ourselves with knowledge and accept wise counsel before the calamitous days arrive. Yes, God knows how difficult life can be for us as we grow older, and as we approach the last days of this system of things. Things will get worse as prophesied in the Bible (read Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount of Olives at Matthew 24, and imagine yourself present during that time, listening when he described what to expect before the end of this system of things).

True enough, maturity equates to responsibility. As we grow older, may we not forget how we live our lives. For those who kept themselves grounded and faced the challenges with proper disposition and guidance, we commend you for your endurance. For those who silently surrendered life’s challenges, we remember you and hope you will be empowered soon enough for you to rise up and live the life again.

So dear adult, what have you been up lately? Will you choose life to live? We endure what we cannot cure, therefore, let us equip ourselves and live the life as conscientious adults who chose life over malediction (Deut 30:19).

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