The Dangers of Inappropriate Guilt

Everybody err because we are human. Imperfect and prone to commit mistakes. We can say sorry when appropriate and apologize however we want to. For minor offenses– uninvited remarks to our friend or family member, forgotten stuff to buy when asked too or just being late on a date and the like –we can always kiss and hug with the erring party and move on like nothing happened.

What about major offenses? How do you feel about breach of trust, infidelity, stealing, dishonesty at work, all sorts of cheating etc?

Guilty? I thought so. What about it?

Guilt is a tick of our conscience. We are gifted with a conscience, an inheritance from God, a silent judge innate within us that helps us realise the right from wrong. It can excuse us from our own guilt or accuse us from either thinking or acting inappropriately.

When one is consumed by guilt and acted accordingly by asking sincere forgiveness, taking necessary steps to amend mistakes and vowed to not repeat the errors. Heartful prayers to the true God and seeking His undeserved kindess and forgiveness will eventually free you from the pangs of guilt.

The painful realization of error committed is in itself an indication that you have listened to your inner judge, the conscience. Acting accordingly will help you go through your personal healing, and mind you, it takes time because this is a process you need to undergo to reclaim yourself from sorrowful situation. Whilts it is never easy to relieve yourself from guilt, continue begging God to forgive you through prayers, and then, act accordingly even it could mean making amendments and peace to whoever you hurt. Faith without action is dead in the first place.

While going through this process, take time to reflect on the positive side and realize that God is not slow to anger, He is in fact a God of comfort. While it would be easy to feel ashamed for what you have done, do not be burdened by ovethinking that God will abandon you. Such thinking is dangerous because this is how God’s enemy Satan wants you to feel, to be humiliated, guilty forever and feel unworthy of forgiveness. Never surrender yourself to these thoughts, never let the devil occupy your thoughts. Understand the potential dangers of losing your trust to God– guilt, feeling of unworthiness, self pity, extreme depression resulting to isolation or self hurt.

You are never alone and will never be. All it takes is for a pinch of humility to approach the True God in prayers and seek for his undeserve kindess. Remember, He gave his Son Jesus Christ to save humanity. He only have one Son, too precious for him and He let him die on a torture stake for our sake. Will He then not give you compassion and forgiveness when you asked Him repeatedly in prayers? Of course He will.

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