Remember the Child In You

They say poems are full of mysteries, especially that of paradoxically written. I love reading poets’ thoughts on life, that of course I perceived sensible, true and alligned with my basic beliefs.

“My Heart Leaps Up” is a poem written by William Wordsworth (1802). Whilst there are many interpretation made regarding this poem, my thoughts on the poem itself is how the poet celebrated his life as a child — innocent, humble, full of life– and that how he wished he’d keep the same vigor throughout his life; that despite going through the process of adulting, he remained youthful and happy even merely staring at the beautiful “rainbow in the sky.” This phenomenon brings about hope all the time because it was a covenant made by God to Noah, that He will “never again strike down every living thing” as He has done (Gen 8:21).

My take on this: The poet’s words point exactly to that covenant as binding, and for me, had men continued to obey God, he will remain valuable to God as children. Is it easy to obey? Definitely not! We are constantly in fight for our sinful tendencies to err and our inherited imperfections. But we are continuously admonished to keep our feet grounded, to know God’s laws and principles written in the Bible for our guidance and protection. In the end, we reap what we saw… but the idea of “entering God’s rest” (Heb 4:10) is an absolute goal. We listen. We obey. We will be blessed (Luke 11:28).

So yes, if asked to choose between obedience and sacrifice, I’d pick and continously work on obedience because it is better than sacrifice (1Sam 15:22).

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