Resurrection Hope

Pansy is the color of the sky.

I love sunsets as much as I adore sunrises. Each event offers loving provision from our God because both are unique, like our very own finger prints.

A beautiful sunset is a personal reminder for me of the day when our beloved one departed and paid off his debt as a sinner. Indeed, our inherited sin from Adam and Eve resulted to us growing old in this system of things (Rom 6:23). Death is the end of our lives here on Earth. However, the Bible mentions of an unpopular promise because many people, clergy included, never had faith in the resurrection hope

The proliferation of the false teaching about the “undying soul” actually caused so much damage than trigger hope. This is especially true for those whose suffering is way too much to bear, those who want to end their struggles the easy way by taking their own lives. I am not saying that every one think alike but generally speaking, have you ever asked yourself as to why many people believed that they will go somewhere else after they ended their lives here on earth? Why is the feeling of unworthiness creeps into one’s mind easily? Is it because of lack of acceptance from others? Is it because you feel that nobody loves you?

This feeling of unworthiness is the exact opposite of what we already know, that God is love. Unfortunately, even many people know this, they still could not decipher as to why suffering in this world exist– poverty, wars, death etc. Well, historically speaking, the “god of this system” (2 Cor 4:4) has manipulated the generations of people and effectively tricked us into his primary lie, written in Genesis 3:1-15, than man will not die from disobedience and that man can live according to his own will, that he does not need God in his life. We know the results of believing in these lies, just recall what happened during the first two World Wars, pestilences, poverty, hunger and all sorts of calamitous events recorded in our history books.

Yet, out of all these struggles, men remained stubborn and trusting this god of system of things, for what? Think hard and you will see for yourself how and what man’s disobedience caused us to pay down to these days– man dominating man is harmful. (Eccl 8:9)

There is hope, for those whose spiritual understanding is deeper, whose obedience to God is their primary reason for their existence. (Eccl 12:13). I sincerely look forward to the day when Jehovah finally resolves the lie Satan raised in the Garden of Eden, that is, to vindicate His Name; that day when the anointed King Jesus Christ exhibit his power to rule mankind and throw Satan to abyss. And while waiting for these grand events to take place, there’s plenty of work to do but being distracted in what this world could offer is not one of them (Luke 21:34) simply because I do not intend to pass away along with Satan’s temporary system of things (1 John 2:17).

So there you have it, that while we mourn the passing of our loved ones and while we still do not know when will Jehovah restore the paradise that’s lost, one thing is for sure– very soon.

For those of you who lost a loved one, be comforted that Jehovah offers the hope of resurrection. Yes, we always remember the time when good memories fly up high, when goodbye means missing a departed loved one. From dust to dust and with good memories in between, this journey is never an easy path but we have so much to celebrate about. It’s a gift from God and we ought to cherish life and be obedient.

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