Why Love Life More Than Ever

How long has it been? Thirty eight days in total when I stayed home without sun. In fact, I have not seen the skies all throughout. Did I miss the outdoors? Absolutely, but there are pressing matters beyond my personal preferences and comfort.

It is called self-preservation.

I recalled that day before I was sent home (and work from home), my bosses sincerely advised me to stay safe and healthy; that it’s ok to be paranoid than get sick. Bless their kind hearts. I really wish them well, healthy and so their family.

Indeed, I just can’t afford to be ill these days when a number of people rely so much on you. Nobody should be too comfortable these days, not with COVID-19. We should never take chance because it is one of the pestilences, we can say, which tests how fragile our imperfect life is. (Luke 21:10,11) It chooses no one therefore, we cannot compromise our health and safety, not when we love the gift of life.

So yes, while I was staying at home battling distress due to anxiety, I choose life over comfort. Protecting one’s self and your fellow means love and respect for life. (Eccl 11:9,10) And when you do, you will do everything in your power to live longer unlike those whose concept is YOLO. That for me, is just sad, for it means you fail to understand your purpose in lfe. (Eccl 12:13,14)

Anyhow, because I miss the sun so much, posted in here is my short video chasing sunrise along Fujairah back in December of 2019 with my friends. I do miss them everyday. I can’t wait to share cuppatea with them again. Soon, very soon.

Background music credits: You’re My Bestfriend version by The Once

Video is owned by Mina Togonon (Author)

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