Kissing Failures Goodbye Today

Twelve years ago, I have written an article from my old blog “The Freelance Writer Online.” That blog has been deactivated for a while…but thanks to Facebook, the article appeared in my Memories. I wanted to revive the notes but I just can’t copy it directly so I am posting it here with major modification from its original posting.

How many failure have you experienced or how many broken relationships have you had for the past 12-24 months? People cry for many reasons. I cry for simple things—out of joy perhaps, but mostly, out of unbearable (unacceptable) events.

I find this wonderful quote from Helen Keller, a woman activist and an epitome of hope, optimism and power. She said “when one door of happiness closes, another open; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

And her words pierced right through me.

Just how true these words are for you really? All these years, admitting guilt for my obsession on faulty things is a hard habit. My obsession for anything wrong does exhaust my energy to unreasonableness. I have adopted a really bad habit of spending time thinking about unimportant matters or events that are beyond my control, thinking of ways to fix broken things etc. It’s exhausting, but honestly, it’s plain silliness on my part. Fixing the broken? Me trying to save the world? Like, who am I kidding here? Well, I did end up accumulating stress and frustrations and these just weathered me in the process.


Though considered normal and part of living, anxieties can bring your guard down when unattended. Indeed, an anxious individual would find ways how to unload his anxieties off. Unfortunately, there are many of those who failed to ward off their anxieties causing extreme distress. Sadly, there are those who lost their personal battles, those who succumb to ending their lives because they felt that this world is just not a place for them, and that they lost the will to live in this system of things. The “closed door” for them remained closed that they did not get to see their lives flashed through them, or how their loved ones will miss them dearly when they’re gone.  Others however just missed opening that closed door out of fear of knowing what’s on the other side of the door.

Regardless of your reasons for not opening a door of opportunity (yet), it is important to pay close attention to yourself. Try to unload your anxieties gradually and never accept any excuse that could prevent you from living life despite adversities. This world may be really busy, noisy and harsh but all it takes is a quiet time for you, to pause, sit down, pray and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. I have done this exercise 3 years ago and I thank God for giving me the will power to conquer my inappropriate guilt. While enjoying my quiet time, I ran a quick self-check and meditated on what-ifs, honestly asking and answering myself with these questions:

  • What are the things I enjoyed doing and have stopped doing these days?
  • What have I been doing differently that are beneficial to me but really hurting others?
  • Have I been living up to my personal moral and spiritual goals?
  • Am I ready to move forward when a door of opportunity closed behind me? Or do I love to dwell on the losses?
  • How capable am I in handling decisions? Do I take personal responsibilities seriously?

These questions require honest answers. Who else can I best share these answers minus the blaming and shaming, with an assurance that I will be understood? Sure, I have been through the deepest moments in my life, been living through the wrong decisions I made years ago. Yet, my God assured me to not be afraid because He is always with me no matter (2 Ki 6:16, Isa 41:10). And in order that I may remain close to my God Jah, I must take into consideration the wise advice from His Son, Jesus, that I shouldn’t be weighed down with the anxieties of life because the His great day will instantly come “as a snare.” I needed to be alert while waiting for this great of redemption when anxieties of life and all the reasons why we cry in despair will disappear (Rev 21:3,4).

Yes, there may be doors in our lives that are better off closed. We do not really have to unearth everything, rush into fixing things that are beyond our control. Instead, we ought to know and accept responsibilities for our own deeds and know how personal limitations help you be contented with what you have. By doing so, it will be easier for you to move forward with optimism and hope while living in these last part of the “last days.” Let us be busy sharing the good news, the benefits of living under the Kingdom rule (Ps 145:11-13) and let tomorrow worry its own anxieties (Mat 6:34).

P.S. I highly encourage you to visit for the best Bible principles that will refresh your day. Check the article Anxiety in Men​—How the Bible Can Help for more information.

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