My Twenty-Five Things 2009

I have it again, this time, a post on my Facebook page for February 2009. I may not be able to remember everything but thanks to Facebook’s Memories, I get to read this post related to “My Twenty-Five Things.”

What was the story behind this Twenty-Five Things in the first place? Years ago, I get to enjoy my work in a big call center/BPO company. We used to have a good Leadership Team, have had the privilege of working with inspirational coaches who were so good at motivating newbies like me. And yes, for night owls like me, engaging in various mind bogging activities to stay awake while working. One of our coaches, Gemma, tagged me in one of her posts in Facebook and in response, I needed to share a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about me. Then I will have to tag at least 25 people and sustain the fun of getting to know some colleagues therefore.

It was an indirect way of getting to know each other game with an aim of establishing good working relationships with them.

While posting this note on my blog, I needed to make the necessary amendments for blog posting readability. Worry not though because the gist and ideas remained the same as it’s originally written 12 years ago. Here you go.

  1. My dominant color personality is Green, always mind over heart for me, information over feelings. If you happen to be unfamiliar with the True Colors theory and is interested to know their dominant personality, please visit our wise friend and try the personality test. It’s fun by the way:)
  2. I’m a book collector and I’m guilty of clogging my room with all sorts of books. I would love to have a good library someday.
  3. Gifted with good memories? Thankfully yes, I have vivid memories of important events in my life. I can even tell you stories way back in my childhood as if these occurred just yesterday.
  4. I love Ally McBeal and I can even relate to her so surreal life! Truth is that I love to watch movies so I was hoping if Ally McBeal series could turn into something like a movie.
  5. I tend to obsess myself in keeping everything in order and neat.
  6. I love writing, it’s a passion. I still keep a journal even though I started blogging years ago.
  7. Food and cooking are a tandem. I love cooking shows and learning new menus. I am a fan of Korean food preparation, kimchi and japchae.
  8. Talk about food still, I love everything noodles.
  9. Were you told by someone that you’re his/her soulmate? Don’t believe in such but I was told I was someone’s favorite person.
  10. I am an old soul, a late bloomer.
  11. Related to # 10, I love classic movies, classic songs. No wonder I was called one of the “classic old ladies” of the new century.
  12. Non-conformist.
  13. I always get in trouble for being too candid sometimes.
  14. I love my personal space and silence ambiance. I struggle engaging in small talk not because I am shy but it’s just me being an introvert.
  15. Cloudy or gloomy weather makes me feel really sad.
  16. I love cross stitching.
  17. Small holes trigger discomfort for me.
  18. Black hues attract me the most, reason why I have many black blouses/dresses.
  19. I thought of being a lawyer someday and I am way too fascinated with movies and TV series that have something to do with law (e.g. Beyond Reasonable Doubts, Law & Order, The Practice, Ally McBeal)
  20. I do not like surprises or anything that I can catch put me off guard.
  21. Too opinionated.
  22. Learning to speak and write in Korean.
  23. Extremely patient but can be annoying when upset.
  24. Too cautious and too decisive.
  25. Not a farmer, I tend to forgive and forget easily, making sure I resolve any misunderstandings before the sun sets.

What about you? Have you tried writing or checking some interesting facts about yourself or others?

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