Stop and Reflect—my Post Covid recollection

In December 2019, I successfully enrolled as a continuing student in an Open University. Part of me was craving for new learning and at least, to boost my marketability as an administrative social worker. Upon our return to the Gulf after the winter vacation, news about the possible pandemic outbreak reached us. As always, compliance with authorities is needed when we are dealing with anything that may compromise yours or others’ health and safety.

After a while, sunrise at the beach is an extra treat post covid.

Once authorities announced the protocols, we knew right then that we would be confined for a longer period of time in our respective places—no wandering around, curfews and quarantine. Since then, I did not get the chance to even read my school reading materials nor able to submit any assignment or requirement, at all. Yes, I missed the whole semester and I was left without an option but to skip it; instead I focused my energy maintaining a good grip of what’s going on. Besides, all we need is to build our faith, maintain our reasonableness and be prayerful, be guided on what we can do to remain compliant with the local authorities, for us to remain calm and safe all throughout. We also had a strong support system from friends and family members around the globe, who not only extended their practical assistance but spiritual help through prayers.

Therefore, when airports, borders, workplaces, groceries and schools were closed at the onset of pandemic (end of Q1 2021), we were left without an option but to stay home or where we are. Travel restrictions were implemented, curfews were announced and violators were dealt with accordingly. We could not let our guards down, not when we value our lives and the lives of the people in our vicinity. It was surreal. And while confined in a small room back then, all we could think of was how to get through this pandemic without losing our grip until we were allowed to move a bit afterwards.

And then the aftermath of the COVID…

The year 2021 was the vaccination year. We were so thankful for the provisions we received from this region and still are thankful for we remained COVID-free all throughout. Some of our friends and family members have been infected but thank God, all survived and are now well. Our hearts go out to those who have been hit and were greatly affected financially, health-wise and even loss of lives. Further, the third quarter of 2021 was also difficult. We used to love Saturdays because it’s the weekend. Yet, my sister-in-law once told me that Saturday became a day of mourning because they needed to attend virtual funeral discourse on a weekly basis, mostly Saturday.  There were times that I was too scared to get in touch with friends and family members another person we knew might have passed due to COVID. It was too difficult to bear how others cope up with the unbearable situation, how we valuable life more than ever.

We have welcomed 2022 and the first quarter is about to finish. We have gone this far and we are still ok. We are thankful to our God for His undeserved kindness. We are grateful for the peace of mind we have received all throughout, His guidance which kept us safe and sound to these days.  Indeed, the world has changed so much since 2019 and we still don’t know if we can go back to where we were before COVID.

We don’t even know what’s in store tomorrow but we are not ignorant of what’s ahead of us. In fact, we know that pestilence is one of the unique blueprints of the last days Jesus mentioned in his Sermon on the Mount (Mat 24). There are other events as we are nearing the last days of this system of things and all these are taking place these days. One way or the other, we will experience these unique events leading to a more difficult time ahead of us. The question is: are we ready?

Indeed, how important it is then that we are watchful of these signs because this old system of things is suffering. Yes, the promise of a better world is clearer than ever, it is just around the corner. Would you be interested to know when and how you can be a part of that better world? 


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