About Sunsets and Eves

I mean to share my random thoughts about life in general via this platform. Sure, there are thousands of blogs doing the same thing, but isn’t the best stories we can tell and retell is ours?

Sunsets and Eves is a personal blog dedicated to those who, like me, prefer to vent and rant silently about basically anything that heightens our emotions – from cup of tea to plain nonsense observations.

I always wanted to keep a personal blog as if maintaining a journal. As you know, back in the days when Internet was still unknown, I always carry with me a journal where I can just jot down my random thoughts for the day– personal development, success stories, poems, rants etc. As a word of caution: whatever is written on this blog are solely my opinions and ideas. I do not write for anybody else. I make random reviews of stuff based on my personal experience so if ever I recommend a place, a product or something, rest assured that I will tell you if it is a promoted content or not.

Further, I wanted to always pen down thoughts and emotions I feel are worth sharing. While the world of web is so complex, for many like us, wanted to share simple ideas and a piece of ourselves to others. This for me, is my bigger platform to write topics about happiness, loneliness, depression, anxiety and some ideas we share over a cup of coffee, to keep us grounded.

Lastly, you are more than welcome to be a contributor in my blog and yes, please feel free to share your thoughts/feedback.

Disclaimer: As much as I love to publish all comments or feedback from you, any malicious or disrespectful words will be deleted/blocked because I am everything for peace.

Welcome aboard!

One thought on “About Sunsets and Eves

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  1. Wow! What a powerful message! You are a rare gem. I am excited to share this with others and I hope that other women are as inspired as me when they read your work. Looking forward to sharing this community of writing and positive attitudes with you!


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