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The Long Road Home to Happiness

While waiting for the bus to arrive, I was standing close by the tallest building I have known all my life so far, the Burj Khalifa. This structure never fail to amaze me whenever I gaze its beauty. Isn’t she … Continue reading

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Poem 101: No Time

Comfort begets comfort. Make time for those who needs comfort. Buy time when needed. Team up with it, it’s a wise decision. Continue reading

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Repost: Waiting for your Big Break

Success is not an easy path and struggles are real, but to give up is not an option. If you are waiting in vain for your big break to come, learn how to strategize and develop new habits that can give you a new perspective on your career. Continue reading

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Repost: Advice That Sticks – The Passenger’s Guidance

At times, when failure is on our doorsteps and we are consistently living in denial, life knocks us down so we can see it from a different perspective. There is a turning point in our lives when we finally say “enough,” because we need to move forward. We cannot just stay in the mess and miss all that life has in store for us. Continue reading

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Under the Potipot Sun

We left home very early  on June 22nd for a road trip in Zambales to witness the sunrise, buy fresh seawater catch for the day and swim. I was never a morning person. In fact, I love to sleep all throughout the … Continue reading

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Breaking the chains of Apathy

We feel bad of what is happening around us because we are not numb, we are humans, and we feel pain. We show interest to the current issues because we want to be abreast of what is happening around us. Continue reading

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Buried Treasures are always ready for Rediscovery

Too obsessed you can say but I am one of those who are living a lot more on a routine basis. It is not always a happy day but not terribly boring. It is just enough, for myself, that is. … Continue reading

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