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Lola mama and the cuties

Lola mama and the cuties

Recently, I was very vocal about growing up, growing old and childless. I don’t mind actually because it is something I cannot control of. Instead, I treat it a matter of accepting my personal or biological limitations I should say. Being childless these days isn’t new. In fact, many career-oriented women may not conceive in their early 30s or if they even bring a child in the family, it would be in their early 40s, the sooner would be 24. As compared to generations ago, being a young mom is an achievement to ladies of the society. But I was not always like this. Continue reading

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Respect: Is it really that Costly?

We are living in an apathy-fuelled society where social norms are mandated by those who has “power.”
Is it not interesting to note how others force you to “respect” them because they instigate fear?

Yes, there are just too many individuals who think that they are so powerful that would buy respect from people: crooked politicians, individuals engaged in terrorism, self-proclaimed leaders who knows nothing about proper management, etc.

Respect is when you highly regard someone because of his qualities. When you respect a person, you voluntarily protect his reputation without any coercion. But did you know that respect is not just about how you show it to another person but is something innate?

At times, we are are guilty of disrespecting others without even knowing it. Like me, you too may have fallen short sometimes:

1.  Household respect
The smallest unit of our society is family. Husbands and wives alike are encouraged to show respect at all times, in and out of the house.

There may be countless arguments but do you resolve the issues before you both go to bed? Or do you sleep on these issues and let pride take over your logic? Do you even share your so-called wrath to the world and broadcast it via social media, allowing people you think are your sympathisers to join you in your vigil?Are you happy that critics malign your partner whom you swore to protect all your life?

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Learning Vulnerability the Subtle Way

Had there been an instance when you almost gave in to vulnerability?
Dance-in-the-Rain  I am sure that you too had reached to a point where the words “I can’t do this anymore” were uttered bluntly. But who would not really feel exhausted when all you have is routine and apathy surrounding you?

Yes, we tend to be vulnerable when we reach the breaking point, when the problem is too overwhelming and that solution seems to be impossible. Compromises will come as you go along and as you try to stand up. But if you are like those who quickly learn from these mistakes, I am very sure that you can easily make amends with your past in order to move forward.

Life is full of surprises as they say. We have all the means to either learn towards success or just embrace failures. True, it is not always easy to move forward when caught up in a terrible situation especially if you do not have a strong support system. You may have shared your sad stories to others whom you considered “friends,” in hopes you will get their support. Sadly, this is not always the case. In fact, others may judge you, treat your vulnerability as your permanent weakness and show you how hopeless you could be. In this situation, would you just give in to your vulnerability? What would you do differently? 
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Woman at Work: Appreciation

1c62059056a8b8805e5c74860a45bde7As part of the growing workforce, women’s contribution to the economy is unbelievable. And unless a company is an exclusive “all gents” only, the female workforce can be anything between 15 to 50 percent, could be more.

There are numerous comparative studies done in work productivity for men and women, multitasking included. It is interesting to note that women are better in multitasking than men as per the journal BMC Psychology, full details can be read here.

One admirable thing about women, is their ability to juggle tasks in between tasks, and still able to come up with good results. When these tasks multiply and the pressure to finish work escalates, in general, women’s capabilities to prioritize, organize and get things done is always commendable.

Can you think of any perfect example but that of a working mother? Well, I am sure you have read tons of journals, articles and feature how a mom juggles her time between work and family in order to not compromise anything. Continue reading

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Going Back to my Basics: The Writer is an Introvert

I just lost the time to write.Featured image

While most people see me as timid, shy and boring, I tend to not walk away from special occasions where crowd is present. I may not volunteer to be the host but I can work well with the crowd.

While it is not always a pleasant idea that there is a shy member of a team, it is important to also understand that introverts get their strength and full productivity working alone. Not that we do not like the team and team-related activities but an introvert’s quality work is often derived from working alone. As such, I personally believe that the saying “three is a crowd” applies perfectly to me.

I also tend not to talk too much. I am very quiet, annoyingly quiet. You will seldom hear me talk even during office meetings because I do not have anything to say unless asked or if I really have to react. I find small talks scary too, can you imagine that! Yes, I am always embarrassed to engage in small talks especially if I do not know the individual on a personal level. It is like I will create more damage to myself if I will force myself to talk, insensibly. I too hate it but I am trying to overcome the so-called “social anxiety.” For years, the struggle continues until I finally gave up. My reason? Unless I am literally hurting anyone, I will keep my cool for now.

I learned to embrace what I am, my indifference. It is not always easy but that I think is the beauty of individualism. So yes I enjoy the comfort of my own company, I pamper myself with writing, a therapeutic activity I find really delightful. Of course, not everything I write will be considered a good piece but I just want to have my voice heard in a subtle way.

I started Sunsets and Eves blog in 2011 in hopes of writing a lot about women in general. There have been so much writing opportunities I missed but here I am, starting to pick up the pieces and starting over, again. Continue reading

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Allured in Cipriani’s Musical Festive: 8e Art and The Entertainment Box

ImageWhy is it the weekend is a must-enjoy moment here in the Emirates? For those who are busy bees like me and sitting in their desks, spending most of their days in the offices, weekend getaway could be an Alice in Wonderland experience. Add some few treats from good musicians and a cozy place to spend your weekend in, voila!The rest could be history.

The UAE offers so many places where hospitality and fine dining exceed the visitors’ expectations. With a few perks and add-ins in between, comparisons in terms of which restaurants provide the best if not the great service is inevitable for both tourists and locals.

Take for example the Yas Island. If you’re a regular visitor in the island, check how Cipriani allures you with its cozy ambiance offering the great view of Yas Marina. This famous authentic Italian hospitality business provides not only a mouth-watering family oriented brunch but a full-party experience in its Allure by Cipriani club.

Surprises left and right, you really can’t tell what’s in store, could you Continue reading

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Dress Code Drive in UAE

Hot as the summer weather in the UAE region, discussions  about dress code is rising too. No I’m not talking about new uniforms but the concerning dress issues of foreigners in the UAE.  I still remember I blogged about Filipina on Top: Deconstructing Maria Clara documentary from the Illustrado way back in December 2011. I wanted to recall it for all Filipinas and expats in the UAE to benefit from.

How many nationalities are here in the country, I have no idea. What I know is that UAE has been very accommodating for those who wish to stay here for pleasure and for work. These days however when summer is at it’s height, the issue of proper clothing reached its peak in various social media platforms like Twitter. Sensibly speaking, I don’t think it’s not something you want to return to a very good host like UAE, lest, create a social discrepancy or be a contributor to public menace.

Proper clothing warrants respect, how true could this be! Imagine yourself going to the beach with your trousers and skirts. Not proper. But if you are wearing beach clothes, with your sarong and goes to the mall, in the public area despite the hot weather, would you reason it as a proper clothing? Definitely not. Continue reading

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