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Silence the Noise

The digital world and social media have replaced the real connection amongst us resulting to increase in apathy and failed relationships. Indeed, while we were busy connecting with people around the world, our relationships to those near to us weather and fail in time because virtual reality has blinded our reasons on so many levels. Continue reading

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The Long Road Home to Happiness

While waiting for the bus to arrive, I was standing close by the tallest building I have known all my life so far, the Burj Khalifa. This structure never fail to amaze me whenever I gaze its beauty. Isn’t she … Continue reading

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Poem 101: No Time

Comfort begets comfort. Make time for those who needs comfort. Buy time when needed. Team up with it, it’s a wise decision. Continue reading

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Repost: Advice That Sticks – The Passenger’s Guidance

At times, when failure is on our doorsteps and we are consistently living in denial, life knocks us down so we can see it from a different perspective. There is a turning point in our lives when we finally say “enough,” because we need to move forward. We cannot just stay in the mess and miss all that life has in store for us. Continue reading

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A woman’s told tale

Recently, I was very vocal about growing up, growing old and childless. I don’t mind actually because it is something I cannot control of. Instead, I treat it a matter of accepting my personal or biological limitations I should say. Being childless … Continue reading

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Going Back to my Basics: The Writer is an Introvert

I learned to embrace what I am, my indifference. It is not always easy but that I think that is the beauty of individualism is. Continue reading

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Filipina Documentary: I Love

Socializing online and getting education at the same time is not something usual. Why not? Of course, with the prominence of social media networks and all, most people in any net cafe or those who are utilizing the power of … Continue reading

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